Ben's Miracle of the Heart
Ben was born with heart trouble and faced more health challenges in the first few years of his life then some of us have yet to face. By God's power, Ben surpassed the doctors' expectations, growing strong and healthy. He accepted Christ at a young age, and is now growing strong in the Lord. Ben shares this testimony of God's healing grace and future hope in Christ Jesus.

Ennety's Great God
Ennety testifies of her husband's miraculous recovery from a gunshot wound to the chest. After being attacked by armed robbers, shot, and left for dead, he spent 10 days in Intensive Care. Yet today, four years later, he is fit and strong, with no obvious evidence of this life threatening event. And, Ennety continues to give thanks to her great...

Barbara's Connection with Jesus
Barbara tells the story of her brush with death at age 39 after a brain hemorrhage, the same condition which caused her grandmother's death at age 41. But Barbara's life didn't end there. She went on to write many books and poems, gain two additional master's degrees, and even win a three-week archaeological dig in Europe. Barbara's connection...

Maryjo's Healing Miracle
Maryjo believed in Jesus as a young child, but a dysfunctional home life turned her into an angry, rebellious adolescent. She continued down a bitter path until at age 45, Maryjo became very ill. Knowing what she needed to do, Maryjo re-committed her life to Jesus Christ and soon found herself experiencing an awesome miracle of cancer healing....

Waking From My Coma
Trace grew up in an emotionally abusive home. At a young age he experienced horrible rejection and humiliation from other boys. After high school, Trace found acceptance in the gay community and excitement through performing as a drag queen. But soon, he became addicted to sex and drugs. His wild living led to HIV, AIDS, and eventually, cancer ...

Nasir's Vision
Nasir was just beginning his new life in the United States after moving from the Middle East, when he was robbed, beaten and left for dead. Yet, while hospitalized and in a coma, Jesus appeared to Nasir, explaining that he must be born again to live. Soon he awoke from the coma, and within days Nasir was, indeed, born again.

Victor's Life Transformation
Victor went from troubled, to bad, to worse. By age 17 he had dropped out of school to become a full-time gangster. He was addicted to alcohol, smoking and pornography while pursuing a life of crime. One day Victor met a girl who invited him to church. There he met Jesus Christ and surrendered his life. Victor has never been the same again.

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